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Soden Leadership Group, formerly operating as Strus & Associates Inc., has been respected and recognized for over 25 years as a leader in organizational excellence and exceeding customer expectations. During this time, we have been able to act in partnership with our clients, enabling both parties to grow and succeed in tandem.  For this trust and opportunity, we thank both our current and former clients. In return for this trust, we have redefined the value proposition we want to offer you over the next quarter century.

Our 25 years of Board, Executive, and Organizational engagements has led to the evidence-based conclusion that every real success in an organization can be traced back to the strength and connectivity of its leadership systems. By this we mean: the effectiveness of its Board; the soundness of its strategy and structure; the pervasiveness of the desired culture and values; and the depth, breadth and predictability of evolving its leadership talent. To develop the strength of your leadership system, we will use our proprietary approaches to defining and connecting the sub-systems of a holistic and effective leadership system.


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