What People Are Saying

"The leadership and guidance provided by Marg Soden on what could have been a very complicated and confusing journey steadied our course. The approach to our goals at Delta ensured that our Quality journey got off to a good start provided largely by the excellent assessments and training by Marg and her team. The education received from our assessments has provided us with a clear direction for the future in pursuing our Quality goals and the change necessary for success. Their dedication to excellence (Total Quality) is evident from the word go."

- William J. Pallett, Senior Vice President Human Resources & Quality, Delta Hotels & Resorts

"Marg Soden undertook, on behalf of Barrie's Executive Management Team, a strategic review of Parking Services and Rates. She was highly effective in leading and motivating a team of staff in the development of parking strategies, policies and procedures for the downtown and waterfront."

- Richard Forward MBA, M.Sc., P.Eng.,, General Manager of Infrastructure, Development & Culture

"My executive team and I were delighted with the report you provided us. As well, the Executive Feedback session gave us the necessary foundation for interpreting the results. We have already benefited greatly from the assessment process-in fact, it exceeded our expectations at all phases."

- Drew Yallop, President, Canadian Tire Petroleum Division

"Marg, this is just a short note to offer my sincere thanks for your contributions to the governance work currently underway. I am pleased that someone with your experience has chosen to become a little more engaged with the sport community and this particular initiative. I can assure you that your contributions are very much appreciated by our team."

- Alan Zimmermann, Director, Sport Development Division, Sport Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage

"Marg Soden's assessment yielded at least two valuable results for us: It imparted a set of skills and it gave us much needed perspective on where we are on the Quality journey. As well, it provided a vehicle for the organization as a whole to address our commitment to this fundamental strategy. On every dimension, a positive experience."

- John G. Lynch, President and C.O.O., North American Life Assurance Company

"Your cooperation and sense of duty were contributing factors in developing a team spirit that lead to some outstanding results. Your skills as a facilitator and marketer 'par excellence' ensured we covered all of the details until no stone was left unturned...The team was unanimous in praising your contribution and knowledge of how to do it right."

- Michel Desjardins, Vice President, Quality Office, Xerox Canada Inc., Winner, 1989 Gold Quality Award, Canada Awards for Business Excellence

"Thank you for the comprehensive review you did on the first draft of our Plan for Total Quality Management Implementation at TRS. Your comments and suggestions were extremely helpful...It's clear that you've had a lot of experience in this." 

- Terrence J. Smith, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Service Quality, Travel Related Services

"Provided a critical link to a great number of initiatives we are into today. Will help us keep the link from strategy to day-to-day operations across the organization. Allowed us to see our successes to date without losing sight of the room for even more!" 

- Canadian Tire Petroleum

"I would once again like to thank you very much for your excellent work last weekend. It was an absolute pleasure working with you, and I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future".

- Cathy Vincelli, Executive Director, Paralympics Ontario

"All the way to and from Oshawa, I continuously rolled over in my brain what I wanted to say to you -- much more than just "thank you". I've probably attended as many strategic planning sessions over the years as you have given. And we likely approach each one with the same hope and optimism... But with all the disparate personalities, it takes one person to harness that enthusiasm and that passion -- to turn intangibles into tangibles -- to make people see not only what is but what can be. I think it was Robert Kennedy who said that some men see things as they are and say "why"; others dream things that never were and ask "why not"? You were able to give voice to that dream, and now it will be up to us to make sure that it becomes a reality "

- Sherry Funston, Executive Director, Squash Ontario 

"We found Marg Soden to be very professional and knowledgeable. The assessment itself was very well done, objective, factual and reported in terms that everyone could understand what we needed to do to move forward."

-Chris Bieber, Manager-Central Bay Utility, Ontario Hydro Retail

"On many occasions our Principal has expressed her gratitude for the mentoring that has enabled her to approach school management issues in a more efficient and effective manner. With sincere gratitude,"

- Joanne Best, Chairman of the Board, Hawthorn School for Girls 

"Every journey needs a captain and we were extremely fortunate to have Marg Soden leading the weekend -- to borrow a line from Walt Whitman -- O' Captain, our Captain! She was cool under fire and brought us safely through some choppy waters." 

- Squash Life- Squash Ontario 

"Your professional knowledge, enthusiasm and training technique were of immense help to us -- consistently meeting and exceeding our expectations."

- J.W. Rankin, President, Additives Division, Ciba-Geigy Canada Ltd.

"Thanks, Marg. As always, you provide great leadership and help us out tremendously".

- Jim Bradley, CEO, Sport Alliance Ontario

"I like how you keep having positive reinforcements throughout the process. It helps to motivate and encourage continued participation...creates excitement."

- Delta Hotels and Resorts

"Helped create a great step towards our teamwork and focus." 

- Canada Life

 "Thank you so much for all you have done -- and continue to do. Under the circumstances, your involvement has made all the difference." 

- Eliza Trotter, Principal, Hawthorn School for Girls

"Marg, in business we pay for a service. In strategic planning we hope we hire the best. One who understands our problems, engages our group, pushes the envelope to help us identify our issues and arrive at a consensus on a progressive plan for our future. Marg, you have clearly demonstrated excellence in preparations, leadership and presentation. More importantly, your personal compassion for our organization's mission and for us as individuals was clearly evident. For this we are eternally grateful."

- Squash Ontario Strategic Planning Team

"Marg was exceptional to work with. She guided the City of Barrie in the development of a plan to achieve our goal of Organizational Excellence. She not only provided immediate value by getting the City started in the most appropriate direction, but as a result of Marg's efforts, the City will continue to excel and prosper over the next several years."

- Blaine G. Parkin, P.Eng., Director of Corporate Management, City of Barrie

"You have been a tremendous help to me over the last several months."

- Heather Stephens, Project Manager, Sport Injury Surveillance Program, Sport Alliance Ontario

"Thank you for being on our team."

-Doug Gellatly, Executive Director, OFSAA

"Your presentation was clear, concise, and extremely informative. I have a much clearer picture of our journey and the exciting opportunities as we proceed."

- Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel and Marina

"This session put good quantitative measures on a previously somewhat abstract concept."

- Delta Hotels & Resorts

"Thanks Marg. Great work as usual!!!"

 - Jim Bradley, CEO, Sport Alliance Ontario

"I really felt the information and timing was excellent. I had fun too!" 

- Public Offering

"On my 3 hour drive home I had time to reflect on our strategic planning weekend and the task that was undertaken. With the amount of information that was garnered and shared, I am excited about the next generation of the SAO. Your leadership and ability to push us to think beyond the boundaries of the box were so appreciated and thank you for that."

- David Saad, Board Member, Sport Alliance Ontario

"ParaSport Ontario hired Marg Soden to develop a Policy and Procedures Manual for newly formed ParaSport Clubs in Ontario. In addition to developing the Manual, Marg led committee governance training sessions for the club governing bodies. Her expertise in committee governance was invaluable to both ParaSport Ontario and the club volunteers. She provided essential information on various topics such as governance, fundraising, marketing, budget planning, etc. Marg was an absolute pleasure to work with and was admired and appreciated by all who came into contact with her." 

- Cathy Vincelli, (Formerly) Executive Director, ParaSport Ontario, Manager, Multi-Sport Games Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation

"I knew we were going to assess our strengths and opportunities but I didn't realize about how in depth or how much more there is to evaluating our strengths. This course will take us a long way."

- Canadian National

"I greatly enjoyed the way the session was conducted. I especially enjoyed doing the case study and exercise. This will allow me a head start in working on the long list of opportunities we discussed." 

- Delta Chelsea Inn

"We have a very positive feeling about what we have accomplished. There is no doubt in my mind that your contribution was absolutely key to this conclusion." 

- Don Gregg, Quality Director, Digital Switching Division, Northern Telecom, Winner, 1990 Gold Quality Award, Canada Awards for Business Excellence

"When it comes to preparing for and implementing strategic planning sessions, I highly recommend Marg Soden. I had the pleasure of working with Marg on a ParaSport Ontario Strategic Planning Session, as well as during her facilitation for a Governance Review with the Sport Alliance of Ontario. Her expertise, organized methods and ability to ensure all were engaged and actively involved in a positive manner were outstanding. Comments back from those who took part were extremely positive. All felt they had successfully accomplished the task at hand." 

- Cathy Vincelli, (Formerly) Executive Director, ParaSport Ontario, Manager, Multi-Sport Games Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation

"Thank you for the assistance, encouragement and professional guidance...your knowledge and experience greatly assisted us in identifying appropriate measurable activities (for) our submission to the National Quality Institute."

- Robert F. Lunney, Chief of Police, Peel Regional Police

"The folks at St. Luke Elementary School are living proof that excellence can be habit forming: their commitment to continuous improvement has won national recognition for the second year in a row. Prominent in the St. Luke party that evening was Marg Soden, a consultant who specializes in strategic change management, and whose expert advice was much appreciated (by the school)".

- Mike Harmer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the Booster (2003)

"Conducting an assessment is a must for any organization which is serious about their Total Quality implementation. We benefitted from Marg Soden's assessment in many ways: the process highlighted critical areas to focus our next efforts on; it deepened our management commitment; and it provided us with a broader base of education about Total Quality Management."

- Gerry Rich, Director of Quality, Ciba Crop Protection, A Division of Ciba-Geigy Canada Limited

"Third party assessment is like a cold shower for your Quality process, but it sure focuses and regenerates your efforts. Marg Soden makes the process almost painless, but the picture painted is very clear."

- Ken Henry, Senior Vice President Service Excellence, North American Life Assurance Company

"Your willingness to slug through and revise reports in order to meet customer expectations was great...I was deeply impressed with your commitment to delivering a high quality product."

- Linda Moran, Senior Executive Consultant, Zenger-Miller

"Very interesting thumbnail sketch of organizational assessment for the novice that I am." 

- Canadian National

"Clear, conceptual picture of value of the process and requirements of our management team to facilitate it."

- Ciba Self-Medication, Ciba-Geigy Canada Limited

"Thank you for the assistance, encouragement and professional guidance...your knowledge and experience greatly assisted us in identifying appropriate measurable activities and crafting our submission in a format familiar to the National Quality Institute."

- Robert F. Lunney, Chief of Police, Peel Regional Police

"Putting together a submission for the Quality Award is a challenging task and it was great to have Margaret as a very knowledgeable advisor and strategist." 

- Merv G. Stanley, Quality Improvement Manager, Telephone Operations, B.C. Tel.

"Case study and group work excellent. It certainly enhanced and added to the learning experience. Group and case study work engaged all team members."

- North American Life Assurance Company

"I appreciate the special efforts made to accommodate my needs; adapting the program agenda is somewhat unusual and very commendable."

- Anonymous attendee, Queen's University

"Enjoyed the way you conducted the sessions. It made us all feel comfortable and relaxed." 

- Public Offering

"Good introduction to the criteria and the requirement for conducting and implementing assessment in organizations." 

- Public Offering

"I really enjoyed the training and feel very comfortable with the new knowledge. I can't wait to start using it in the workplace." 

- Public Offering

"One of the most useful courses I have ever attended." 

- Ontario Hydro Nuclear

"The group work during the interviews was very good. It really brought home the people side of the exercise."

- Public Offering