Board Effectiveness

What We Do

We will guide you to operate as a 'best in class Board', according to the Institute of Corporate Director's standards.

If your answer to any or all of the following questions is: "no, partially, or I don't know what you are referring to," you may be in need of our expertise.

  1. Does the Board know its role and how its role differs from that of operations?
  2. Are the interpersonal dynamics of your Board working well?
  3. Are your Committees clear about the scope of their mandates?
  4. How do you know if your Committees' terms of reference and meeting operations are benchmarked to best in class?
  5. Do you have a Risk Management framework, process, and plan in place?
  6. Have you defined your Board work structures?
  7. Have you internalized your Board culture and values, and aligned them to the organization's vision, mission and values?
  8. Have you established Director expectations and operating standards for your Board?
  9. Does the Board routinely assess the effectiveness of: itself, its Chair, Directors, and Committees? Is it acting on a defined plan to improve upon the assessment findings and develop its Directors?
  10. Have you developed a Director skills inventory? Have you then defined the skills and identified the competency gaps to meeting Board requirements to support its operating needs, and also to provide necessary guidance on organizational strategy?