Leadership Talent

What We Do

We will guide you to become a 'best in class organization' by taking a systems approach to leadership talent development. By creating the initial goal of enabling all individuals to become the leaders they are capable of becoming, we will develop the language, definitions, mental models, processes and tools required to actualize and integrate:  the levels of work, ladders of leadership competencies, conceptual capacity assessment, performance evaluation and coaching, career succession planning, mentoring, and leadership development, so that career sustainability and personal growth is attainable by all employees.

If your answer to any or all of the following questions is: "no, partially, or I don't know what you are referring to," you may be in need of our expertise.

  1. Do you know if you are a best in class organization for developing your leadership talent and capacity?
  2. Do you have a fully integrated leadership system?
  3. Do you know the difference between leadership and management? The difference between leadership and strategic leadership? The difference between coaching and mentoring? The difference between a level of management and a layer of management?
  4. Do all of your employees have documented development plans for growth and career advancement?
  5. Do managers have a clear and full understanding of what is expected of them to: coach, mentor and develop resources within the organization?
  6. Do your managers have the time and skills to: coach, mentor, and develop resources within the organization?
  7. Do all individuals have the same potential for growth and development? How do you identify an individuals' short and long term potential for growth and development?
  8. Have you defined the competencies for all jobs? The competencies for all levels of work in each function?
  9. Do you have integrated tools and processes for recruitment, conceptual capacity assessment, performance evaluation, coaching, mentoring, development planning, career planning, personal and career development and succession management?
  10. Do you have candidates capable to backfill all C Suite and critical positions in your company?