Strategy & Structure

What We Do

We will guide you to develop or improve upon the necessary strategic plan and management structure required to enable the fulfillment of your vision, mission and goals.  

If your answer to any or all of the following questions is: "no, partially, or I don't know what you are referring to," you may be in need of our expertise.

  1. Do you have a sound and current strategic plan that has been developed and signed off on by both Board and Executive management?
  2. Did you consider your strategic options and form your strategies with due consideration of risk, opportunity and payback?
  3. Do you have a strategic planning process that will guide the refinement of the existing strategic actions and targets, while ensuring a seamless transition to the development of the next strategic plan?
  4. Do you have a defined monitoring process and a 'balanced scorecard' set of monitoring measures that align to the strategic plan?
  5. Do the measures lead to the achievement of necessary goals, objectives and targets?
  6. Do you regularly monitor your measures of success at the Board? Does the Board have sufficient discussion, debate and action follow-through with staff?
  7. Do you know what levels of management must exist to support your strategy?
  8. Have the right accountabilities and authority been assigned to the right levels of work?
  9. Do you know what gaps or overlaps exist within your management structure?
  10. Are your levels of work aligned to your recruitment, performance evaluation, and succession processes?